Ill be back

Hey Everyone

I thought id drop in with a little update as to why i haven't posted lately.
Unfortunately my laptop died on me so i had to send it for repair and now after it being repaired it has lasted a day and is back to the same problem. 

Hopefully ill be back soon with exiting posts


Autumn/Winter Wish list

Hello Everyone
Today i thought id share with you my small wish list

Now that it's now Autumn/Winter  has arrived in Scotland i have had a look through my wardrobe and thought i'd update my wardrobe with a few non essential pieces.

First id like to buy this lovely two in one dress from
priced at £30 i definitely think id get a lot of use from it.
The lovely flower printed dress is perfect for nights out or dressed down for day time.

Next up a black coat
 while in Newlook the other week i spotted this and tried it on, i think this simple black coat from new look would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe at the time i put it back and thought i didn't really need it but now thinking about how i needed a smarter black coat i will be looking for it on the next shopping trip i go on. The jacket it's practical to go with a lot of winter outfits though it may not keep me warm or dry.

While on River island website i had a browse through the handbags and came across this lovely diamond patchwork bag.
The bag would be handy to take to and from work
As the Bag is Priced at £47 i may wait to see if it's on sale before buying it.
Id also like a new pair of dark sunglasses not sure how much use i'd get in winter apart from my january trip abroad although it's always handy to keep a pair in my handbag.
These ones are by prada at the Sunglass hut for £190
  As i am so fussy with sunglasses i think i'd need to go to a shop and try a few pairs.
Sunglasses are one of the things i like to pay a bit more for as i feel it's really important to take care of your eyes plus they generally last a while to.

Another thing id like to buy is a new pair of cosy winter boot slippers
I like these ones from River island for £20 but i am unsure what colour they really are as the description says pink,ideally world i'd buy these in gray or navy.
its also the type of thing if i bought myself i'd end up with 5 pairs for christmas.

What do you think of my wishlist ? Are you looking forward to warm clothing ?

Cake Recipe Tuesday

Hello Everyone

Today i thought id share one of my family recipes
Yogurt loaf.
When i was younger my great gran used to bake this for us most sundays.
Yogurt loaf was also one of the first recipes i tried to make when i was younger.
Yogurt loaf is super quick and easy to make and requires little items and makes such a nice tasty loaf. perfect for a late afternoon snack or with a cuppa.

What you need
1  small tub yogurt ( any kind i used strawberry) you use the  yogurt carton for the measurements
Oil -   1 carton full
Sugar- 1 and a half cartons
Self raising flour- 3 cartons
2 eggs
A loaf tin
A spoon
Mixing bowl
Apron ( optional)

Take all the ingredients and mix them together until smooth and then add to your tin and place in the oven.
(i also put a liner in my cake tin and greased it to avoid it sticking.)

I cooked mine on a fan oven at 160 for 55 minutes
The original recipe says gas mark 3 for a hour but my oven isn't gas so i don't know about this
Best to just keep a eye on it like any recipe 
Allow to cool for 10 to 15 minutes before cutting
I had cut mine while it was to hot so it crumbled a bit.

I like to eat it plain but you could always add icing or some nice jam and fresh strawberries.
Served on some nice Emma Bridgewater pottery !

Let me know if you try out my Family yogurt loaf it's so simple.

Eilidh x

Whats inside my Handbag

Hello Everyone
Having seen quite a few of these posts recently
I thought id share what i carry around inside my handbag.
Since i work in a shop i do not carry around my good handbags since they don't fit in lockers at work and i wouldn't want anything to happen to them.
So by the time the weekend comes or my day off i like to use one of my good bags.
My Micheal Kors bag is like one Mary Poppins would have it has so much space its hard for me not to fill it with unnecessary items.

My handbag contains
-Sunglasses not really essential for the uk weather but handy to have
- Make up bag ( i also have tissues and hand sanitizer in here)
-Hair brush of some sort
   -  Phone
   - Gum
  -  Sometimes my camera
     -Spare tights( the dog can have sharp nails)

                                                                      Anything you think i am missing ?

 So that's mostly everything give or take as i am always switching around my bags and end up leaving things in my other bags. My mum had bought me of those handbag organisers which was useful for moving things from bag to bag but my larger items unfortunately don't quite fit in it.
Also since buying a car i keep items like a shopper bag and umbrella in the car.

Please not my handbags are not always this tidy

Thanks for reading


Mini Boots Haul

Hello Everyone !
Hope you are having a great day
Today i will be sharing my latest boots order with you all
Just last night i placed a order on with standard delivery for some new beauty products and received them this morning ! 
I love getting new things in the mail especially when its fast delivery.
Boots also sent me a tester for the new Dior sauvage fragrance which smells really nice if you are looking for a gents fragrance.
Here is what i received 

Marc Jacobs Daisy so fresh sorbet 75ml £37.00 
While looking at the perfume offers i noticed the Marc Jacobs Sorbet was on offer saving £18.50 i  just knew i had to buy it as my other one is just about empty.

Essie nail polish in the peach daiquiri shade
The nail polish came with a free Essie mini good to go nail varnish top coat
I love nail polish and have a large collection that i am always adding to so when i seen that they were giving out a free top coat i knew i had to try this out.
 Although i was a bit disappointed when it arrived as it looks more pink than i was expecting I am sure it will be nice on though.

Colgate max one fresh toothpaste

£3.99 with a free nails inc polish
At first i thought that is expensive for toothpaste as my normal Colgate is around £1 but the new max one fresh claims to make your teeth whiter in just a week. 
So i thought id give it a try.

Soap and glory Sexy mother pucker gloss stick

£3.50 for one and another £1.75 for the second one
 I've heard great things about these new 3D gloss sticks and they are also on offer buy one get the second half price.
I can never say no to a good bargain
 So i bought two of  them one in the pinkaboo shade and one in the techicoral shade.
I haven't tried any of the soap and glory make up items before but love the shower gel so i am exited to try them out. 

I cant wait to try everything out

Hope you like my little haul have you tried any of these products recently ?


New Bedroom Favorites

New Bedroom Purchases 

Last year i purchased a double bed and added new bits and pieces to my room
its slowly starting to come together.
To me my bedroom is the most important room in the house as this is where i spend most of my time when i am at home.
I wanted to create and relaxing calm and bright room without it looking cold.

Here are a few bits and pieces i have bought recently

Firstly i have been looking for nice affordable bedroom table lights for awhile now most of the ones i seem to like take up a huge amount of space that i don't have.I came across this cute heart lamp for only £12.99 from Dunelm so i bought two for when i find another bedroom table.
My main light is from Wilkinson after looking for ages i finally decided on this one. i love how it has cut out flower detail and the  crystals hang down from it.

Also my bedding is from Dunelm the duck egg beautiful bird range has a lot  of extras such as curtains, pillows and you even can get matching plates and cutlery. i had to stop my self from over buying the more pillows you have the longer it takes to make in the morning.
 The picture frame i picked up in a local shop i am sure it was around £8 as its small i am not quite sure exactly what kind of photos to put in it

The big heart i am not sure where i picked up you can find  cute hearts in most home stores and small ones i got as a gift for my birthday.

Id also love some kind of wall art/photo above my bed but just cant decide on one

Hope you like my new items


My 10 Reasons to Smile

10 things that Make me Happy Today in no order

1. My Dog Sam (Well really my grans dog)
After a long 8 months the puppy is growing up
 Sam is now starting to settle down and be a joy to be around
Westies are really are adorable dogs but so full of energy.

2.Blogging and Reading new blogs
This is so interesting and exiting and all so new to me.

3.My Car... Having passed my test in June i thought id wait awhile before getting a car but this was the best decision ever just to go ahead and get one, No more walking in the rain and horrible weather(although it doesn't save me much time its stressful trying to find a parking space)

4.My Family and friends

5. Ben and Jerry cookie dough ice cream must i say more ?

6. My Micheal kors bag

7. My Daisy eau so fresh  perfume
This is one of the best scents ever and the bottle is a cute decoration

8.Looking into Holidays for a bit of January sun
and getting my holiday pictures made into a book

9.Finally being paid ( I havent been paid since may due to a mix up)

10. My new max factor lipsticks

What makes you happy today ???